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Published on October 18, 2006 By anydigitizing In Car Add-Ons
Chinanews, Changchun, October 18 ¨C Too shy to tell your love to the one you secretly love? No problem. Let the ¡°love messengers¡± help you.

¡°Love messenger¡± is a new service provided by dating agencies in Changchun. They will not only pass customers¡¯ ¡°love message¡±, but even offer advice on how to start a love affair to those who are ¡°inexperienced¡±.

The messengers will send the message in a very proper and romantic form at a right time and in a right place to make sure that it really impresses the one who receives the message.

The new service will also help those who have no idea about how to show love, besides those who are too shy to do so.

There are five dating agencies providing ¡°love messenger¡± service in Changchun, with young men as their major customers.

on Oct 29, 2006
what an odd service to startup

love telegrams?